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Our Speakers.

Our speakers at the "Licensing Horizons: Exploring Growth Opportunities in Middle East and Africa" conference are a combination of market research experts from The BrandTrends Group and seasoned regional experts from Markettcom.

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Amer Bitar

Amer is an entrepreneur and international executive with extensive experience in media, sports entertainment, and cultural research. He has worked with renowned organizations including WWE and Spacetoon to develop and implement effective brand strategies. As the CEO of Markettcom, a leading brand licensing agency in the Middle East and North Africa, he helps some of the biggest entertainment, gaming, sports, corporate, and pop-culture brands increase their revenue

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Philippe Guinaudeau

Philippe Guinaudeau is the founder of The BrandTrends Group, a global marketing research firm that specializes in tracking brand, lifestyle, and attitudinal trends across 53 markets worldwide. Based in Dubai, Guinaudeau brings a unique global perspective to his work, leveraging over 31 years of marketing and analytics experience to provide expert insight into the durable goods markets, retail landscape, competition, consumer behavior, brand line architecture, and strategy planning.

Having lived on three continents and extensively traveled the world, Guinaudeau has an intimate understanding of the international marketplace.

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Ammar Jabri

Ammar is a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in procurement, operations, sales, and marketing. He has a track record of leading and growing successful business ventures, including Jabri Trading LLC, Premium Partners FZLLC, Jabs Trading LLC and Markettcom. Ammar's leadership and strategic vision have resulted in strong business deals with major international corporations operating in the MENA region

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