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Driving Lesson

In Dubai, UAE, we invite you to the second conference on the Licensing Industry

in MENA Region

February 27th, 2024 (10:00am - 4:00pm)

Including lunch and coffee breaks

Our Middle East Africa conference brings professionals together to learn, share and do business with the most influential people in the industry.

Building on the success of the first edition, the theme for this year's conference is 'Immersive Odyssey: Bridging Real and Virtual Worlds in Brand Licensing.' The event will feature insightful conferences and panels discussing the future of licensing in the MEA region. Additionally, there will be pitches on key licenses with great potential in the region, and a highlight of the afternoon will be the Licensing Awards ceremony, where we will recognize champions in various areas.


This is an exclusive, by invitation only, event.

Overview of Panels in this Conference

"Licensing Horizons" will bring together industry leaders to discuss the current state of the Middle East and Africa region, as well as the growth opportunities and strategies to succeed in this area. Attendees will also learn about the impact of metaverse and NFTs on the licensing industry and the development of Location Based Entertainment. And last but not the least, attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders, as well as do business.

Session 1:

Exploring the Synergy of Licensing, Media & Sports

Overview: This panel aims to shed light on cutting-edge licensing strategies, the significant role of entertainment within the sports industry, and how artistic creativity is revolutionizing the way audiences engage. Our panelists will highlight new opportunities for collaboration and emerging trends that unite these dynamic fields. Expect a session packed with insights on driving innovation at the crossroads of licensing, media, and sports.

Session 2:

Exploring Innovations in Virtual Immersive Experiences

Overview: Dive into the cutting-edge technologies that drive immersive experiences, offering a look into how these tools are shaping the future of interactive environments and digital storytelling. Attendees will gain valuable perspectives on the practical applications and transformative potential of immersive technologies in various sectors, including entertainment, marketing, and event planning. This panel is a must-attend for those interested in the forefront of immersive experience technology.

Session 3:

Navigate the Future of Art Licensing

Overview: Join us on an enlightening journey with our esteemed panelists as we explore the dynamic evolution of visual art within the realm of licensing. Our expert speakers will discuss the transformative role of art licensing in expanding artists' reach beyond the conventional confines of galleries and museums. Additionally, they will address the critical topic of safeguarding art in the era of artificial intelligence, providing insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Session 4:

Brand Licensing in the era of generative-AI

Overview: Embark on a journey to explore how generative-AI is a powerful tool and a transformative force shaping the world of brand licensing. First, discover how generative-AI reshapes brand experiences, surpassing traditional personalization, especially in art, animation, and video. Explore dynamic narrative crafting for heightened consumer engagement and examine the predictive prowess of AI, which anticipates and fulfills desires. As a special highlight, witness a live demonstration showcasing the practical application of generative-AI in brand licensing. See how AI algorithms navigate private databases, empowering businesses to make informed decisions with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.

Closing Keynote:

Shaping the Future of Immersive Licensing

Overview: This closing keynote will distill the day's key insights and preview the future of immersive licensing in the evolving entertainment industry. Expect a concise overview of breakthrough discussions and a forward-looking perspective on how emerging trends will influence the sector with an insightful wrap-up and a glimpse into what's next in entertainment and licensing.



Meet The Panelists


Maura J. Regan

  • Linkedin

Maura Regan, CEO/ President of Licensing International, brings decades of experience in licensing, branding, and LBE to her role.


Philippe Guinaudeau

  • Linkedin

Philippe Guinaudeau, founder of The BrandTrends Group, has 31+ years in global marketing, specializing in durable goods, retail, and brand strategy, with a unique focus on children, youth, and families across continents.

Amer Bitar
  • Linkedin

Amer, CEO of Markettcom, a leader in brand licensing in the Middle East and North Africa. With 20+ years' expertise, he drives business growth, boosts revenue for premier brands, and excels in strategic partnerships.

Hans Fraikin
  • Linkedin

Hans, 25+ years in global media, led Abu Dhabi Film Commission to 140% YoY growth. Ex-CEO of QFTC attracted $1.5B investments and forged Hollywood partnerships. Expert in coproduction. Former Twentieth Century Fox and 2-term AFCI Board member.


Matthieu Sussaye

  • Linkedin

Matthieu Saussaye, CEO of Pulse Partners, partners with industry leaders like SBB, Orange, and Enel. His AI studio specializes in LLMs, NLP, and ML, offering workshops for AI ventures, empowering growth and innovation through speaking engagements.

Emily Foreman
  • Linkedin

Emily, GM at Collaborate Middle East, a global leader with rich experience from Royal Caribbean to Formula 1. Born in Singapore, based in KSA and Dubai, she crafts unforgettable experiences, contributing to multi-million dollar brand growth.


LapKeng Wong

  • Linkedin

Lapkeng, Head of Asia Pacific Region at ARTiSTORY/Sinofaith IP, brings 20+ years in licensing, transitioning to art & cultural licensing, pioneering in Southeast Asia.


Albert Zbily

  • Linkedin

Albert Zbily, founding president of FIFCO, unites 2.5M players from 150K+ companies in 60+ countries, promoting corporate soccer globally.


Jamal Joratli

Jamal Joratli, a renowned contemporary artist, merges traditional and modern themes globally, shaping modern art with deep emotional depth and mentorship.


Daria Zaytseva

  • Linkedin

Daria Zaytseva, entrepreneur and producer, founded Eight Path, an immersive multimedia company. She directs IMMERSEE, an art & cultural destination promoting sustainability through immersive experiences.


Terry Miranda

  • Linkedin

Terry Miranda, born in the UAE in 1973, rose from cable boy to General Manager in the events industry. Founder of LHP in 2004, he leads a multidisciplinary creative hub with numerous awards, offering turnkey services across various sectors.


Peter Chanthanakone

  • Linkedin

Peter Chanthanakone, Canadian animator, won awards for 15 shorts, screened in 75+ competitions across 30+ countries. He's a Siggraph Asia jury, RiFF Studio director, and Zayed Uni Associate Prof.

Event is Moderated By


Aliona Zaleskaya

  • Linkedin

Aliona Zaleskaya, co-founder of Prickly Pear Production, hosts WeTel TV's "Flair For Flaws" and "Blockchain Coffee Talks." She's a sought-after MC and winner of multiple awards, including the UAE Media Influencer Award. In 2024, she joined EurAsia Gulf's Board.


Coltilde Iaia

  • Linkedin

Clotilde has been practicing law in Dubai since 2004. Before setting up Yungo Law, she
worked as a Consultant at Taylor Wessing and prior to that she was a Partner at
Eversheds KSLG in Dubai.


Fagr Kassem Ali

  • Linkedin

Fagr Kassim Ali, advisor at Sharjah Media City "Shams," highlights its media success. Over 30 years of exp. in traditional/digital media. Led innovative projects, received awards, previously with AP, SNTV, Abu Dhabi Media, ANN London. Pursuing DBA at ESC Clermont.

Attendees expand their knowledge and their network

By interacting with experts, industry leaders, and peers, attendees will have the chance to make valuable connections and build lasting relationships that can benefit them in their future endeavors. The conference provides an excellent platform for attendees to exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn from one another, leading to a more well-rounded and fulfilling experience.

Venue Spotlight

Sofitel Downtown Dubai

We are thrilled to announce that the iconic Sofitel Downtown, Dubai, will play host to Licensing Horizons.

This prestigious venue is not just a location; it's an experience, offering attendees a unique and inspiring environment that perfectly aligns with our shared vision for the future of licensing in the Middle East.

Event Location
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